October 22, 2013

To all of our Valued S2000Win Customers:
Our records indicate that your company may be a licensed Mobilogic software customer using one or more of the Mobilogic modules designed for your S2000Win Software.Currently over 75% of S2000Win customers are using one or more Mobilogic modules including FieldDesk MobileMapToolsPageRunner and/or the WebLink Customer Portal.Mobilogic is the original programming developer of your S2000Win Software. Over the past 15 years we have continued to provide advanced technology with add-on modules for all of our S2000Win customers.We want to reassure all of our customers  that your Mobilogic modules will continue to integrate seamlessly with your S2000Win software when the new version 6.0 has been released. In a recent communication with Dan Davis at Davisware, he confirmed that the upcoming release of S2000Win would continue to support the integration of these important Mobilogic modules. Therefore upon the release of the S2000Win version 6.0, Mobilogic will fully test each of its modules to ensure that they continue to integrate flawlessly.If you are considering upgrading your S2000Win Software to the new version, please contact Mobilogic Customer Support at (913) 642-4883 to discuss the upgrade. We plan to provide a direct communication resource to assist you with the upgrade as it relates to your Mobilogic FieldDesk Mobile, MapTools, PageRunner and WebLink modules.


Mobilogic FieldDesk Mobile for S2000Win

The FieldDesk Mobile provides a proven mobile paperless solution for all of your technicians with the ability to increase cash flow and overall field and office productivity.  FieldDesk has been successfully deployed for more than five years and used daily by more than 650 field technicians nationwide.  If you are considering a mobile solution for your operations, please give us a call today to schedule a live mobile demonstration.

Click to Watch Mobile Overview Video

Mobilogic MapTools for S2000Win

Mobilogic MapTools provides dispatchers and CSRs with an invaluable map view of current and future assignments allowing for increased efficiency in routing and scheduling as well as real-time monitoring.  GPS may also be integrated into MapTools for real-time GPS data.

Click for More MapTools Info


Mobilogic PageRunner for S2000Win

The PageRunner module provides you with the ability to send an email or text message from the Dboard directly to your technicians in the field.  Using PageRunner automates the crucial flow of information from the office to your technicians for vastly improved consistency and efficiency.

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Mobilogic WebLink Customer Portal

WebLink is a web portal for your select customers to access their information including their upcoming work orders, work order history, equipment, service agreements, contact information and invoices.

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Look for our upcoming FYI Software News which will provide you with the latest software updates and communications regarding your Mobilogic software.We appreciate your ongoing business.  Thank you for continuing to allow us to be your software provider.


Dan Horsch
President, Mobilogic Inc.
(913) 642-4883
Email: danh@mobilogic.com
Website: www.Mobilogic.com

Davisware asserts exclusive ownership of the trademark rights in S2000™ and S2000Win™


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