Mobilogic’s PageRunner module designed for both FieldOPS Software and S2000Win Software is a productivity time-saver tightly integrated with the Notified time-stamp on your Dboard.

PageRunner allows all the licensed computer users to send messages to almost any mobile device that has text or email capability. This means that you will save an incredible amount of office time communicating service call information, minimizes the time your technicians are on the cell phone while driving and eliminate verbal errors. PageRunner saves valuable time and increases both your office and field productivity.

 Using PageRunner is very simple. Open your Dboard dispatch board and right click on any of your open work orders, then click on the cell phone tower tool from the time-stamp menu. Your pre-set text message for this work order will be sent to the technicians cell phone device automatically.

Mobilogic Page Runner - Field Link

Mobilogic’s PageRunner even formats and sends assignments to employees with no typing.  From the dispatch board, dispatchers can also simply right click on a work order assignment and choose “Send to Pager” and the message is sent as a text message or an email message format. This could include the customer name, contact, address, phone, problem, or any number of other important information. You can even send a additional messages by just clicking on the Dboard technician column heading..just type and send.

If you are currently using Mobilogic FieldOPS or the S2000Win software and are not sure if you already have PageRunner installed, just click the Help menu and select About S2000Win or About FieldOPS to review the features box. If it is listed, you own a license to this powerful Mobilogic module.

If you have questions or would like to order the Mobilogic PageRunner module please contact Mobilogic Customer Service/


Davisware asserts exclusive ownership of the trademark rights in S2000™ and S2000Win™.


Davisware asserts exclusive ownership of the trademark rights in S2000™ and S2000Win™