Mobilogic’s WebLink is your online web-based customer portal tool.

WebLink allows you to provide your customer’s with the ability to: submit a service call online; review the status of their open calls; review the status of their account and much more.

WebLink is also a powerful sales closing tool for new prospective-clients providing you with a unique service advantage over your competition.

WebLink Benefits 

Here are five key reasons for adding WebLink to your business marketing plan:

  • To increase your market share and become the preferred vendor in your market
  • To increase your company’s image, credibility and professionalism
  • To differentiate your company above your competition
  • To provide a recruiting tool to attract better sales reps and technicians to your company
  • To provide your clients with state-of-the-art service based accessibility and communications

WebLink Features

Provides customer web access to for a specific information about a billing account and/or location from your FieldOPS Service Scheduling software including:

  • Work Order status and history
  • Invoice and cash receipt history
  • Service Agreement details and covered equipment
  • The ability to submit new online service requests

Mobilogic will also provide specific customization requests for WebLink’s customer portal.

Mobilogic WebLink